Rare Futures & Gavin Castleton

  • Fête Music Hall 103 Dike Street Providence, RI, 02909 United States
In the Clouds Records and Cerebral Music Group Presents:

A Joint Performance by Rare Futures and Gavin Castleton

with Bored With Four, Forest Fires

Sunday, June 11th

Fête Lounge
Doors: 7pm
Tickets: ADV $12 • DOS $15
All Ages



Rare Futures


//// RARE FUTURES (formerly known as HAPPY BODY SLOW BRAIN) is a GrooveRock band from New York City founded by journeyman multi-instrumentalist, Matt Fazzi. It began as a side-project in late 2007 while with the band Facing New York, later being placed on the back-burner officially when he left them to join Taking Back Sunday for a short stint from 2008 to mid-2010. Following that, Fazzi returned to the project as his main pursuit and under the original moniker, HAPPY BODY SLOW BRAIN, the band self-released a full-length, Dreams Of Water (2010) , and two EPs, SLEEPY (2012) and LIVE (2014) . Over the last several years while trying to establish HBSB, Fazzi has filled the gaps touring with groups such as RX Bandits, The Dear Hunter, Atlas Genius, Gavin Castleton Band, Envy On the Coast, NK (North Korea), The MovieLife, Into It Over It, and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves. In late 2015, he decided to fully refocus on his own music again with a renewed sense of spiritual purpose, a new record and a significant name change in mind. //// RARE FUTURES sound meshes heavy prog-rock groove with 80's synthesizers and layers of rich melody and harmony, tipping their hat to groups like Tears For Fears, Jellyfish, Mutemath, Sade, and Soundgarden. Their new album This Is Your Brain On Love was independently released on 3.25.16 via Fazzi's own label CMG Cerebral Music Group partnered with InTheClouds Records. The band is rounded out by seasoned veteran multi-instrumentalists, Ari Sadowitz (Model Decoy / Heavy English / Ben Kenney Band) and Rich Bozek (Side Saddle / Saber Tooth Trio / Diazepam), and longtime Happy Body Slow Brain bassist, Jason Holthouser.


Gavin Castleton


Gavin Castleton is a Portland, OR musician/songwriter/producer. Originally known for his work with "futurock band" Gruvis Malt, Castleton has released eight solo albums and eight EPs. He has also released two full-length albums with action-adventure rock trio Ebu Gogo.


Bored With Four


Bored with Four has been trying to record and play shows for something like 6 years now. Unfortunately, they keep getting side-tracked with other stuff. They all have other bands they play in but they love Bored with Four, just as much. Collectively, the 3 guys play with/for or collaborate with such artists as: Symmetry, The Dear Hunter, Joe Parillo, Fort Francis, Roz Raskin, The Empire Shall Fall, Wensday, and a whole bunch of others.

Their sound can be described sorta like this: Take catchy pop songs, play them on rhodes/bass/drums, mostly play them in 5/4 but not all obvious about it, and let your drummer be jazzy. Oh, and the singer has a nice voice, too.

Bored with Four would like to apologize if this third-person description comes off as uninformative, arrogant, overly name-dropping, or just stupid. Band Bios are hard and usually not interesting to read. Hopefully, this one is, if even just a little.


Forest Fires


Everything that Forest Fires has done has been with a clearly defined purpose. A mission statement. While to some younger bands, this approach may seem frustrating. But to the five members of Providence, RI's Forest Fires, every aspect of their musical journey is approached in a calm, focused and calculated manner.

The five individuals of Forest Fires (Michael Sweet, Calvin Cadoret, Richard Farrands, Dan MacKnight & Brad Caetano) have all spent years playing music in various bands through North America and abroad. They had all gotten to know one another through crossing paths in their various bands throughout the years, and were all collectively on the same page when forming Forest Fires, both musically and in their own lives.

Forest Fires has an unmistakable chemistry. Each member comes from a vastly different musical background, yet they all share many common influences. When playing together, Forest Fires' sonic chemistry is truly something unique.

"We all just really enjoy playing together and it seems like everyone is always on the same wavelength," says bassist Dan MacKnight. "When we write, everyone has total creative freedom with their own parts. In practice, we don't have to bounce ideas off of each other too much because the songs just seem to come together organically. It's a truly collaborative process."

Forest Fires are currently in the studio putting the final touches on their newest album, due Spring 2017.