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Road to Disc Jam

  • Fete Music Hall 103 Dike Street Providence, RI, 02909 United States (map)
FMH & Manifest Entertainment Present

The Road To Disc Jam

with Consider The Source, Space Bacon, ILAS

Saturday, May 4th

Fete Lounge
Doors: 9:00 PM
Tickets: $15 at the door
18 +

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Consider The Source


“You are Literally a Metaphor is a project articulated in full, an album seemingly without misstep or omission, on which the playing is peerless and without arrogance. The songs are delicately arranged and wisely executed. It draws on influences ranging from Mars to the Middle East, from Mississippi to Mahavishnu, from Dixie Dregs to King Crimson, and from ELP to epic psychedelia, but over the course of the album, it is Consider the Source’s immense originality and intrepid style that ultimately shines with the highest definition.” Jason Jones -

Sci-fi fusion trio Consider the Source defy easy categorization. If intergalactic energy beings, upon their initiation into an order of whirling dervishes, built a pan-dimensional booty-shaking engine powered by psychedelic would sound like a cut-rate CTS cover band. With their blend of progressive rock and improvisatory jazz, soaked in Indian and Middle Eastern styles, CTS blends disparate elements into an utterly original whole. A relentless touring schedule has earned them a fervent following around the world, with fans ranging from jam-band hippies to corpse-painted headbangers.

Their latest album, You Are Literally a Metaphor, is the culmination of a fifteen-year musical journey. Packed with the same fury and dazzling virtuosity of their previous work, Metaphor is also a portrait of three musicians reaching new levels of maturity.


Space Bacon


Brooklyn based jamtronica quartet that weaves composition and improvisation through an ever-changing landscape of segues, inversions, and palindromes.




Based out of Providence, RI, ILAS creates a full sensory musical experience as it blends a mix of melodies and flowing beats that journey through dark and light. Produced by Gregory Visci, ILAS was started in 2013 with the purpose of fusing elements of modern day electronic music with a sound healing intention- always keeping its root In Love and Service. Greg uses a blend of organic instruments and samples to create the music that is ILAS in Ableton Live which he uses to perform. ILAS sets often include live instrumentation. In 2017 ILAS Live was started as a completely improvisational instrumental expression of the ILAS project. The acts are also often accompanied by live dancers adding to the immersive experience. ILAS has appeared on lineups through out the North East including billings with Desert Dwellers, The Widdler, Kaminanda, Bogtrotter, Aligning Minds, Living Light, Supersillyus, Templo, Soohan, Consider the Source, Frameworks, Drrtywulvz, G-Nome Project, Space Bacon, Smigonaut, McZwang, Levitation Jones, Honeycomb, Malakai, and more!