Diggs was born in Providence, RI in the late 1980s and grew up as an only child hooked on video games and arcade culture. From malls to bowling alleys, Diggs quickly became one of the top high scorers on arcades and pinball machines, and the initials DSG were infamous among gamers. At the age of 5, she got her first bike and became enthralled with modding and repairing it. When arcade machines would break at her local hangout, she was a natural at repairs, and would dive in back and rig up a fix. At just 8 years old, she had her first after school job doing arcade maintenance.

Then, in the late-90s, when she was only 11 years old, Diggs' life forever changed. The Providence Place Mall was just finishing construction, and Diggs was repairing arcades for the planned game room. On June 10th, 1999, media across the globe blacked out. Sirens sounded across the city, as buildings began to crumble. Diggs ditched her workshop for shelter in a pizza shop in Olneyville, and as the earth shook beneath her, a rafter dropped from the ceiling and knocked her unconscious.


When Diggs awoke, Providence was a wasteland, and she appeared to be the only survivor. After months of searching and mourning, her family was nowhere to be found, and she realized she was truly alone.


Knowing she must survive, Diggs began to do what she did best; she scrapped and built. The pizza shop became her new home, and with salvage from her workshop and scraps from the Wasteland, Diggs gathered her favorite classic games and built the beginnings of her own Shelter arcade. One day, when she was out scrapping, Diggs followed the sound of a faint “yip,” and burrowed under the rubble was a Boston Terrier puppy who had been surviving inside an empty arcade cab on a stash of moldy pizza. The coincidence was too great to not have been fate, so she threw him over her shoulder and named him “Chip” after the computer boards he knew so well from his little bunker. Together, they became an amazing pair of arcade scavengers.

As time passed, other survivors from far and wide made a life for themselves in the Wasteland, and Providence became a hub for post-apocalyptic trade because of its location on the river at the tip of the Narragansett Bay. Scrappers, artists, and gamers used the lore of science fiction past to inform their survival, and competitive gamers became the celebrities of Wasteland life. Bootleggers started to brew the finest local ales to ease the woes of their new world's daily struggles. The quest for arcade glory consumed the minds of the Wasteland's best and brightest, and at the center of it all was the gamertag “ShelterGirl” and those initials, DSG.


When Diggs opened her personal arcade at the pizza shop to others, gamers and brewers flocked to her bunker daily, and Shelter Arcade Bar was born. With the legendary ShelterGirl behind the bar, arcade kings and queens came from far and wide to battle the Wasteland survivor who many considered a myth. Join Diggs and Chip as the story of Shelter Arcade Bar continues, and perhaps you, too will become an arcade legend.

Art by Krissy Diggs!