noun | 'fet\

Definition: a large party or celebration




Fête Music Hall is New England’s premier destination for live music and events. Catering to an audience as diverse as New England itself, Fête is dedicated to creating a haven where everyone can come together to celebrate the arts.

The Ballroom and Lounge boast state of the art sound systems by Fulcrum Acoustic. The interior is immaculately designed and crafted by the owner, artist and philanthropist Nicolas Bauta. 



  • To transform the local & regional live music experience
  • To discover new music & people
  • To deliver the highest quality in entertainment & service




Fête music hall

103 Dike Street Providence, RI 02909


FMH is located just minutes from Downtown Providence
- in the historic Olneyville neighborhood -

Valet parking available






The Ballroom, Lounge, and Shelter Arcade Bar (2016) at FMH will have a lasting impact on the creative capital’s vibrant art, culture and tourism industry. Many loved bands bypass Rhode Island when traveling to other metro areas such as Boston and New York, causing missed revenue streams for our state. The unique rooms at FMH are quickly becoming favorite stops in national tours, as well as stages known for showcasing the local/regional arts community.

FMH will create employment opportunities for people of various education and skill levels. Our diverse programming will invite thousands of visitors to shop, dine and experience the inimitable charms of the area. Working with the community, we will rejuvenate the relationship between artists and audiences, showing the world why Providence is called the Creative Capital.